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Integrated Supply Chain

MC Medical maintains a close-working relationship with its supply-chain partners. This allows us to best manage development and manufacturing, and provide customers with the lowest costs and shortest lead times, while maintaining the highest quality products

Strategic Partners

In addition to our design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, MC Medical has a network of strategic partnerships. These companies provide us with resources that complement our own. Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Metal Components, a state-of-the-art metal cutting, tooling, and fabricating company, is one example.

If a skill outside our network is required, we will find the best resource and partner.

Group Strength

MC Medicalis the medical-product division of Metal Components, and part of Atonne Group, a collection of close-working sister companies under shared ownership. Independently operated, each company maintains flexibility and agile decision-making powers. Strategically aligned, Atonne Group companies benefit from shared business resources, best practices, and financial security.

  • Metal Components
  • Montisa
  • HME Truck
  • Michigan Foam
  • Valley Truck Parts
  • Van Dam Iron Works

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